Nine 24 Inc. is a leader in the emergency lighting industry as a developer and manufacturer of emergency lighting load control devices used to control lighting loads connected to a backup generator in the event of a loss of normal power. We strive to provide the best possible service using the highest quality parts.
What We Believe In...
Quality Products
The Emergency Lighting Control Relay (ELCR) provide safe and effective emergency lighting for building emergency lighting systems with an alternative power source, such as an emergency generator or inverter system. The ELCR operates automatically using an unswitched circuit to continuously monitor utility power and energize the emergency fixture when normal power is lost. The units are designed and manufactured to comply with UL 924 regulations to energize emergency lighting loads. The ELCR also is used on dimming circuits and dual level ballasts which transfers the loads to emergency power when it senses that normal utility power has been lost. Safe and durable products are our top priority.
Nine 24 Inc. is a proud supporter of US manufacturing. The ELCR-R, ELCR-Z10, PTP Wiring System, and The System are all manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky, in our ETL approved manufacturing facility. We are working to manufacture all future products in the US. We believe our transition to American manufacturing has lead to improved quality and shorter lead times.
USA Quality
Nine 24 Inc. employees operate according to the following essential principles upon which our entire code of conduct is based:

1. Act with integrity and make decisions based on high ethical standards.
2. Understand and honor the letter and spirit of the laws and regulations that apply to our businesses.
3. Foster a fair, respectful, and collaborative work environment.
4. Instill and maintain trust in dealings with our customers, partners, and fellow employees.

At Nine 24, respect for customers is a huge concern. We're not happy unless you are!