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Product Information

The Fire Alarm / Security Interface option (FAI) allows BLTC and ELCR units to be actuated by the building fire alarm or security system in the event of an emergency condition. The FAI option will also cause the emergency lighting fixtures controlled by the BLTC or ELCR to illuminate during fire alarm testing, regardless of the status of the controlling switch, relay, etc. With the FAI installed, the BLTC or ELCR will energize the emergency lighting fixtures it controls during a loss of normal power regardless of the state of the Fire Alarm or Security System.

Features Include:

-Unit has 24 vac power output for use with Fire Alarm or Security System dry contact.

-Unit comes mounted in a 4 11/16 square junction box with Integral low voltage barrier.

-Unit will accommodate the BLTC-R, BLTC V3 or ELCR-R.